National Exhibition and Special Exhibition beagles 28. May 2011 – Piestany

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On 28.05.2011 held in Piestany
National Exhibition of SFK, at which place special exhibition Beagles.
Despite bad weather, the show attended almost all owners sign with their four-legged friend, which, while drenched, but it was nicely presented and received awards, that not only pleased their owners, but psíkov, because they received as a reward pellets from Eukanuba. Thanks are due to all participants for their participation, Organising Committee for the preparation of a material provision of the exhibition, access arbiter in assessing dogs, donations from Eukanuba. At the same time, we look forward to the next meeting of the owners of such dogs in a good mood and a good lunch, prepared by the organizers.

Photos from this show can be found in the photo gallery.

Welcome to the official website of the kennel “Kralovska laska”.

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Welcome to the official website of the kennel “Kralovska laska“.

This page will bring you up to date on our station, and achievements of our psíkov.
If you want to know about us more, kliknite na ponuku ABOUT U.S.. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions do not hesitate contact.