Voľba plemena, selection responsible breeder and visit, as many puppies are important steps towards dog ownership. Buying a puppy is not or at least should not be a question of trade. Rather it is a case, when we choose a member of his own family, therefore we should not be taken lightly, real fun begins when you bring your puppy home. When we get a puppy, I start from the beginning. From puppy can bring up to, what we want, that from it was. A puppy is like a baby and requires more of our time and patience as an adult dog. There is nothing like a puppy rozkošnejšie, perhaps because it is a kindness, What we need. A possible all, which accompanies it, either on the floor or mláčky obhryzené shoes, nepatria k veciam, that we consider crucial when choosing a dog. Should be considered, and we will be more convenient for a puppy or adult dog. There are so many things, which needs to be considered and one of them is his age. We should remember, or we have enough time and patience, We have become accustomed to it and practiced, but rather a sense of fun and adventure, so we played with him? Ak sa Stenata nudia, tend to be destructive. Rataj with team, that require a lot of activities and games under the supervision of.

The ideal choice for a family puppy, where one of the adults at home most of the day. If we go to work, You can adjust the schedule and include walks and game time. Plan your arrival at the time of his leave and spend this time with him, to have formed the basis of his daily activity and feeding regime - no holiday mode, but that such works, when we go out to work. When these first honeymoon resolved and we can go home for lunch, or rush from work, with them that we spent a lot of valuable time used, grow to a happy and balanced dog.

When we decided to find the time to raise a puppy, we can be assured, it is healthy, Social and matching our nature and experience. When choosing a puppy is a good idea to find relatives puppies, father, mother, or. and siblings. We obtain information about the features of both a puppy on what will grow to. Breeders with puppies are born from a very well known differences in the nature of dogs, therefore help us in choosing puppies. The aim is to choose a dog with character, that will suit owner. Quality breeders treat all puppies in the litter as well. Do not pay more attention to the potential detriment of the individual and exhibition baby, that the next owner just picked as a family companion. All puppies will receive the same care and love. What is important is the time of withdrawal and weaning puppies from their mother, These included to give him proper nutrition and education. Lack of proper nutrition can cause poor digestion, guilt, weak bones, Bad teeth and other problems, including the emotional loss. The longer the puppy with his mother, better for both parties.

Beagle is a cheerful dog with unlimited energy and unflagging enthusiasm for life. It is a bright dog, which can be a bit mischievous and adventurous inclinations waving. By purchasing through a maturation period Stenac, it reaches adulthood will require a large amount of your time. Your Beagle will require from you a great interest and care for life, which may last 12 when 15 years. It is necessary to consider the issue of living space. Small puppy satisfy even a small corner, but a few months longer will need more space. Beagle animals are originally living in the terminal and therefore want to live as part of your terminal, not be excluded from it. The beagle is characterized to be a member and therefore part of the family, therefore it is necessary to allocate a puppy to determine his place, that he will be considered as its own and where you will feel comfortable and safe, because you take it from the point of, which focused and managed to move and lose warmth and safety of his mother and siblings. When you come home with a puppy bought, you bring him to the point, that becomes his home. The sudden shock of moving puppy still traumatized, therefore he should be given enough patience, love and encouragement. Fortunately, this situation fairly quickly passes. Socialization of puppies at the breeder has started, continue it is now the responsibility of the new owner. First period 12 weeks of life, a puppy is very important, because this is the time, when your puppy creates first impressions from the outside world. Lack of incentives in this period, as the dog matures later may experience fear and combativeness. A puppy needs a lot of contact with people, Love, cuddling and familiarization with other animals. Special care must be between eighth to tenth week, which is a very strong need for socialization. Suggestions, puppy to adopt at this time should be mild and soothing. Puppies are fortunately not too strive to make friends, although certainly find enough people to walk, who will want to get to know him. Just need to have any contact with each supervised. Treba sa snažiť, that puppy only gained a positive experience and to grow based on well with its surroundings, since a bad experience with a dog can grow to fearful, or attack dog. Early models celebrity dog ​​training, therefore should not be unclear as, what will be required of him. Beagle is right terminal animals, naturally need a form of leadership, otherwise try to be leader of the pack they. It is up to you, Who will become the leader and who is a member of the terminals. It is much easier to correct the bad behavior of a small emerging puppies, than waiting, when his annoying behavior change in the habits of the adult dog. This is especially the chewing and biting. Even if your dog bígel terminal, still retains a strong focus on the social organization and the family was able to move easily. It is friendly to people and other dog breeds.

Let's get acquainted with the puppy's relatives to find out, for what purpose breed was bred. Plemeno "beagle" medzi Duric fourth of FARBE, whose characteristic feature is an excellent sense of smell, perseverance, energickosť, courage and chases birds with a distinctive barking. This breed is therefore used for hunting purposes. They have a good personality, are happy with children and even other pets. They need to confront, however well more outdoors, giving them the fenced garden, and regular daily walks. Once you decide to buy a beagle, he may just be the most rewarding of all the breeds.

Breeder should you have to justify your puppy two papers and pedigree purebred parents after a vaccination certificate with the records of vaccination and deworming puppies, or. Pet passport. Since when traveling abroad must have your pet unmistakable mark, meaning tattoo or microchip, as well as a valid travel document ( I CIM Pet passport – the pet passport). Microchip also serves as an identifier for loss, run-in or theft of your pet. Then it is much easier to find a pet also prove, that your.

Basic things, to be prepared before your puppy, before you bring him home:

Litter: helps puppy, in order to feel warmly, because you take it from the warm home of his mother and siblings. No dog intentionally taint place where sleeping, but trouble becomes especially small puppies, because sometimes we even clean up the, or scour. It can also be plastic tray, which is to get buy in pet needs, it is easy to clean.

For dog, which will be out in the aviary should prepare for the, Best Warm, because Beagle is a shorthaired breed as some older. clothes, sleeves, or blanket, to which the dog to sleep and that will be the only.

Toys: are important for all ages dogs, especially for small puppies, that love toys. They are pleased to dog, who plays with a toy and give him help in teething. Beagle puppies are aggressive dogs žuvajúce, you should offer them only the most durable toys. Assortment of toys in stores with the diverse needs of the dog, but the dog likes to play though even with an empty plastic bottle. Fabric, Plush, or pískacie toys bígel rozhryzie and playfully stuffing is then around byte. This could, that this little puppy swallows and may have difficulty. It is therefore necessary to check the status of toys and throw out damaged. The walls are also hazardous bones from poultry, or Zajacová, that are broken down into dangerously sharp fragments. The best flavored bones are made of material, that can be chewed and nerozdrobí.

Puppy is necessary to protect the home and especially in front of his curiosity, which consists of all snuffle, taken into the mouth, or bite. It is necessary to remove from the reach of poisonous plants, chemical products for household cleaning, chemical means, which are highly toxic, bait for mice and rats, electrical cables leading to domestic appliances, but i closed or removed from his hand cart with trash.

Collar: Your puppy should be getting used to wearing the collar, this may help you if ever leave the house to take the lead, either for a walk or to the doctor. If the collar is set correctly, must be between the collar and the dog's neck to enter finger. At the same time it must be easy and convenient, preferably nylon, or leather. Moving, chain collars are only for dog training. The collar should have a dog mark and name tag, or address.

Guide: preferably nylon, or leather, only be possible to supervise the chewing dog leashes, when you are bored and tested its durability. As the puppy matures and adapts to your walking, You can also opt to buy samonavíjacieho guides, giving the puppy the opportunity to extend the studied area, or keep it short.

Feeding bowls and water: if the home needs a dog bowls for food and water, and go to the garden, must have a water bowl also outside. Mostly used plates made of stainless steel or solid plastic, Beagle because the plastic tray easily chewed. At the same time such a dish can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

Feed: dog has three stages of its development, puppy stage, adolescence and adulthood. Dog food is produced in three basic types namely dry, semi-dry and canned. Puppies should be breastfed until about six weeks, but from the third to fourth week of the latter should be started on low doses of an appropriate solid food such as.: milk, semolina pudding, biscuits, yolk, with. At the time of, when puppies are seven to eight weeks, should be weaned and fed a special food for puppies. We serve them with cooked meat quality, pasta, rice and chips for puppies. The dog grows rapidly during the first year of life. The food for adult dogs should pass until a dog reaches about 18 months. U bigLove this is the approximate 10 when 12 months of age. Industrially produced feed for puppies and young dogs are usually well balanced with respect to their needs. Feeding is a good question to discuss with veterinarian, or experienced breeders. Water is an important component as well as a suitable diet feeding. It keeps the body properly hydrated dog and supports the normal function of the body systems. If you want to contribute to their full health, He must allow permanent access to clean fresh water, especially when you serve dry food.

It is recommended to feed the puppy at least 3 times daily to age 8 month / daily ration divided into three parts /, from 8 mesiacov do 12 months 2 times a day / daily ration divided into two parts /, from 12 months 1 times a day. Food for puppies and young dogs should be good, because developmental errors, which can cause poor nutrition can not be removed at a later age. Puppies from our kennel are fed pelleted feed quality brand. Royal Canin, Acana a Eukanuba.

Your puppy must have still bowl with clean drinking water. The need for water in puppies and young dogs is higher than in adult dogs. Water consumption also increased with temperature, environment, physical activity and administered feed. When feeding dry fodder (granulami) Water is needed for greater.

For the unfit dogs all products containing cocoa and chocolate, These foods are toxic to them. Pulses in larger doses cause timpani / bloating, intestinal flatulence /, acts like fresh bread and some vegetables (kel, cauliflower, cabbage), therefore in the diet can be divided in small amounts, fresh corn is not digestible for dogs, therefore adds to the finished product only after special treatment. Spicy and salty foods (as. sausage, various residues from kitchen waste) are harmful to the dog and have no place in the ration. Attention also to the packaging of cold meats – puppy can cause indigestion.

Tools for grooming, eyes, claws: Brush or comb, mitten on vyčesávanie coat, clean towel after showering, pliers for cutting nails in dogs, who are in the byte, Dogs who are outside the claws sanded while jogging along the field.

Detergents: if the puppy learns to clean,, it means that you do for him after, therefore need to have old rags, Towel, newspapers and safe disinfectant.

Did you know that dog training is a life experience? Many parents admitted, that many of the, what they know about raising children learn from caring for a dog. Dogs respond to the love of fair play and proper guidance, just as children. Be a good dog owner and become even better parents.

Puppies from our kennel at the time of collection / aged 7 – 8 weeks / age appropriate veterinary treatment / wormed, vaccinated, bear mikročipom, equipped with a pedigree and Pet Passport you /. Another veterinarian veterinary care indicated in the Pet Passport.