Standard plemena


Standard plemena Beagle


Total mien:

Rugged, kompaktne stavaný pes, which creates the impression of a viable individuals.


Hilarious dog, whose main task is mainly hares and hound them to tracing the. Is undaunted, determined and vigilant, packed with activities and living energy. Very smart with a balanced character.


The nature of the beagle is nice but watchful expression without aggression or shyness.

Head and Skull:

Big, in proportion to the body dog, at Souk is útlejšia, zvrásnenej without skin on forehead. Klenutá Lebka per mierne, moderately long, with a slight ridge. Stop is quite significant and distributes the most accurate part of the head between the occiput and tip of the nose. Čelo je primerane široké. Muzzle is not square (angular), its margins are relatively free. The nose is strong, black, with lighter-colored individuals are allowed a paler color, nostrils are wide.


Dark brown or hazel, reasonably large, have slightly almond shape. There are not too deeply embedded or protruding. Participate in the attractive appearance of the dog.


Long, Konček rounded, soft velvety texture, ak I natiahneme, Achieve near the end of the nose. They should hang down close to the cheeks.


The jaw must be strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite mainly, means, Upper front teeth that protrude slightly above the bottom, jaw teeth are arranged in a line.


Sufficiently long to, to enable seamless access to dog footprint on the earth. It's a little round and produces soft skin flaps.


Shoulders are asked but not fitted to the rear. The front legs are straight, perpendicular to the bottom line dog (dog's stomach), fixed, rounded in zápästnom kĺbe. Smerom k labke sa nezužuje. Quaff hard, must be dialed either inwards or outwards. Height to elbow corresponds to about half height at withers.


Topline is straight, decreases towards head-to-tail, chest passes down to the elbow. The ribs are quite flexible and backwards slightly extended. Short in the joints but rather balanced. Lumbar stands are robust but flexible.


Legs are well muscled, podkolenia are fixed (tending vertically down) and parallel to one another.


Are fixed, Compact, well zovreté, Fixed kostným basis, zospodu strongly reinforced (Pads). Nie TOD. laba zajačia. Nails are short.


Strong, reasonable time, thereover high and carried gaily. In no case may be curled over the back or forward towards the root. Very well furnished, especially on the bottom of.

Beh / movement:

You move back hard, no indication waves. Step is spacious, long and loose, without significantly raising the feet up. The movement is based on the ladle limb. It may not be close – concurrent, front legs must "paddle" or they put themselves through.


Short, dense, resistant to any weather.


All colors permissible except breeds pečeňovohnedej. Tine tail is always white.


Desirable minimum height at the withers 33 cm, desirable maximum height at withers is 40 cm.


Any deviation from the foregoing points should be marked as errors, but should be considered comprehensively, that is, with regard to the overall appearance that.


Dogs – Male animals should have two clearly developed testicles hanging freely in the scrotum.

Source of information: beagleclub.